Visiting Iran? Take a Hike to Rudkhan Castle

Some of The Great And Truly Magnificent Places In Iran



Iran is a place teeming with beauty, there are a lot of strikingly beautiful historical sites for the tourists to visit. If you really want to please your eyes with some remarkable archeological specimens don’t confuse yourself just pack your bags and get ready to visit Iran.




You should start your visit with magnificent display of the Persian culture in the form of the “the throne of Jamshid” which is also known as Persepolis. It is situated in the northeast part of city of Shiraz near River Pulvar. This site was regarded as a former ceremonial capital of the ancient people of Persia. The structures that are found in this site are stoned sculptures. It also contain structures of mythical beasts and stoned doors in it.  When you are done with visiting this site, you will definitely feel the need to eat something, so satisfy your hunger with some mouthwatering dish of Iranian cuisine. You must try Koobideh it is a traditional dish of Iran that consist of kebabs served with some rice.


City of Tabriz



Visiting this city will be a treat for you, because this city is situated in a magnificent valley. It is known for its artistic museums, mosques and an alluring lake. Some significant monuments are also present in this city. This is not it if you happened to pass through the bazaar of this city the panorama of colorful display of variety of objects will definitely leave a spell bounding effect on you.  Because it is considered the largest covered bazaar in the world, and it various sub bazaars provides you everything the items from the expensive jewelry to household items. So all your shopping needs can be easily satisfied here.





It is considered to be the Iran’s hidden jewel and one among Islamic world’s important architectural centers. It is best known for the picturesque bridges located here and they make you so much addicted that you don’t find it wrong to visit them again and again. The best part visiting this place is when you reach there you don’t need to consume much fuel of yours to visit other beautiful places because they are situated on walking distance from here. You can use the various bridges with which River Zayandeh is adorned in order to check out the towns nearby. Among these bridges the oldest one is Shahrestan Bridge.


Imam Square



You visit Isfahan and don’t visit the imam square you will definitely regret about this. So make sure while visiting Isfahan visiting imam square should be on your to do list. It is regarded as the most phenomenal Islamic monument. This whole place is so amazing that it takes a tourist to another world of joy and astonishment. The various monuments found here also paved way for other monuments around the world.

So folks if you are planning for a trip to Iran than this piece of information will surely guide you in this regard, may you have safe trip enjoy!

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