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Visiting Iran? Take a Hike to Rudkhan Castle

Some of the Best Places to Visit in Iran


Iran has a wide range of tourist attraction that is really worth visiting. If you are planning a trip and like to explore the world, Iran offers more than many of us think. Setting aside the politics and other issues, it’s a well a place to see, from ancient cities to beach resorts, to its modern capital and skiing destinations, not to forget its unique food. 

Following are top places that one must see when visiting Iran



This landmark is in Fars Province of Iran, situated about 60km northeast of the Shiraz City. Persepolis also known as Takht-e-Jamshid is a historic place. It was the capital of the Achaemenid empire and truly it is a wonderful ancient site. In 1979 UNESCO declared Persepolis a world heritage.

Amir Chakhmaq Square


Known as Amir Chakhmaq Square, it was built in the ninth century in place of Yazd. Yazd is a desert city, also famous for its windcatchers which are the center of Zoroastrian culture.

Garden of Paradise


The Eram garden which is famous as the Garden of Paradise, situated in Shiraz is a great example of Persian gardens. Persian gardens further lead towards the historic Qavam house. This city is historically known for Persian poetry and landmarks like the tome of famous poets Hafez and Saadi.

Shemshak Ski Resort


For adventure lovers, there is a place for skiing at the Shemshak ski resort which is about 35 miles out of capital city Tehran. It gets pretty much crowdy in places like Shemshak and Dizin and Alborz Mountain range during the winter and spring months.

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

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It’s hard to forget the first sight of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque situated in Isfahan. It is another UNESCO heritage site and famously knows as Half the World is actually a country's best known touristic city. Many people visit to see Naqsh-e Jahan Square, a square at the center of the city.

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